Mitzvah Photography Annette Leibovitz

Goals: “Stress Free Photography” for all of my clients.

Annette Leibovitz grew up in Skokie, IL. She moved to Arizona for college and completed her degree in education and art/design. Annette’s photography work began in film with landscape and people. In 1988 Annette married her now husband of 31 years. Her husband and first child moved back to Buffalo Grove, IL in 1990. Annette is the proud mom of three children.

2004 she started the company Mitzvah Photography. Her background as a special education/mainstream teacher and retired IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) has been incredibly helpful in her photography profession.

The business focus is on B’nai Mitzvah celebrations but this has not limited Annette from photographing families and other events. Her process is to capture all aspects as the story evolves. From details to all the people. Everything is important.

Annette has photographed all over Chicago, Seattle, California, Arizona and London England. Organizations Annette volunteers for include: BGRA (Buffalo Grove Recreation Association), The Shomrim Society, Buffalo Grove Pride, several synagogues, Rainbow in Deerfield, The Willow House, The Shabbat Challah Project.

Annette prides herself on accessing each person’s individual comfort level when taking photos. She loves being able to tell stories through photography. Annette will show love, emotion and caring through her work. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about Annette. Follow her on social media.






Call Annette Leibovitz at 847-913-5588 or e-mail her at mitzvahphoto@aol.com to schedule an appointment to discuss your photography plans.